"When I was 14 years old Norway decided to start whaling again, after a period of compliance with the international ban on comercial whaling. I was shocked to find that hardly anyone objected, and the whole matter turned into an issue of national pride as the media spun it as Norwegian "fishermen" standing up against hippies from California and an insane Canadian anti-whaling extremist. I wasn't deterred by that, and voiced my support for Sea Shepherd whenever I could in the twenty years that followed, and I still do. My hope is that one day I can live in a country that doesn't hunt whales - or periodically go into a murderous rage and try to exterminate the few wolves we have left here. In the meantime I am glad to support Sea Shepherd in their campaigns against the wholesale and meaningsless sickening slaughter of dolphins in the Færøys - and hope that this compilation can help bring attention to the matter".


from NO RED SEAS VOL I, released March 9, 2012




Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife UK

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