'We were moved to create NO RED SEAS in recognition of the fact that just because we cannot see what happens in the oceans, it does not mean that there are not deep repercussions on the planet's ecosystem from both the gratuitous slaughter of marine life and extreme over-fishing practices. At a tipping point in time where we can no longer close our eyes to the apocalyptic realities of an agenda fuelled by greed and over-consumption, in the absence of political will we must fight to prevent our oceans becoming a desert before our fragile environment is destroyed forever.'
Caroline Jago & Lesley Malone, Shadow Biosphere


from NO DEAD SEAS: NO RED SEAS VOL II, released February 20, 2014
Music and production: Caroline Jago
Visuals and concept: Lesley Malone




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Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife UK

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