'We're not really a militant band by definition. But in a society that tries to limit our role to the one of consumer, or even "over-consumer", it's necessary for us to contribute to an alternative and a new paradigm in this world, at our small level. As citizens, we're confronted by the same mistakes and mischiefs as anyone, we're certainly not role models and remain spoiled western big children contributing to the over-exploitation of this planet. The whole system is based on that: having more, possessing more, consuming more, exploiting more. Adapting our own habits is a main step (and not an easy one), supporting structured organisations that are bringing solutions at the core of the problem is another one. This is why we wanted to be a part of this project.

Organisations like Sea Shepherd and The Black Fish are bringing an active, militant, pragmatic and organized solution to the illegal fishing and over-fishing activities in our oceans. The lobbies of the fishing industry is too strong, a solution at a political level seems more and more impossible, and while the oceans risk to be completely empty in a few decades, only real action can bring a change. We're only musicians. What we create can touch the soul of people, but it can't change the world we live in, at least, not at the level this planet needs it. But if the small and nearly insignificant act of donating one of our songs for this good cause can help to make a step in the right direction, it can only make us feel honored to be a part of this project.'


from NO DEAD SEAS: NO RED SEAS VOL II, released February 20, 2014
Music: Dominic Marchal
Lyrics: Mich Rozek




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Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife UK

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