Seventh Harmonic - Bidding grief farewell

from by Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife



'Why am I doing this? Recently there were a lot of images on facebook of the annual massacre in the Faroes of hundreds of pilot whales (a misnamed dolphin species). They're herded or dragged towards shore, and when stranded their arteries are slashed so that they bleed to death, turning beaches and seas blood-red. Or maybe you saw the pictures from Taiji in Japan of boats full of dolphin carcasses, after whole families are driven inland to be bludgeoned, stabbed and drowned. Or you might have seen the photo of a gutted dead dolphin on a concrete floor with its baby next to it - which for me sums up the futility and cruelty of these hunts.

I'm sick of seeing these images. I'm sick of the impotent rage they make me feel, sick of the tears, sick of the bad dreams, and sick of the sight of so much blood. I want no more red seas.'

Lesley, Seventh Harmonic - founder of No Red Seas


Greeting blissful joy
Regrets will never sound
Under lovers’ spell
Letting music dwell

Bidding grief farewell
Awakening hymn of love
Ringing out the tunes
Of undying flames

With the clearest light
And the spirits within
Through chanting divine
Bewitching charms entwine
Lustfulness is called
Craving thirst to quench
Roused from dreamless sleep
Drowsed into seduction

Vocation of nature's poetry
Immortal voices of beauty
I call upon amorous tunes
I send for wings of desire


from NO RED SEAS VOL I, released March 9, 2012
Vocals and lyrics: Annmari Thim
Music and production: Caroline Jago

From the Equanimi EP
© Seventh Harmonic 2010



all rights reserved


Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife UK

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