"The track is performed with the Canadian Seal Hunt in mind. Each year thousands of Seal pups are slaughtered on the ice in front of their parents.

We are appalled by such actions & feel it's a completely immoral act to commit.

The videos we had to watch are recorded by The American Humane Society. They record & document as much as they can to show the outside world what easily could be over looked. Their passion & heartfelt work they do needs saluting.

As heartbreaking as it is the videos & statements show a dark picture that needs to be witnessed to understand the barbaric behaviour these fisherman are willing to sink to.

With each hook that goes thru the face of a still active child, not having the right to grow & be successful in this already hard world is a tragedy, we would not allow it in human form but in Seal form we separate feelings.

It's selfish to blame animals for our unsustainable means of taking food sources, we should not be in competition, we should understand the lasting damage of soaking up food sources for all. Seal fisherman would have you believe they need to do it, we urge you to find out more by way of sight & sound. Open your mind & understand the impact of the work Sea Shepherd, American Humane Society & many other organisations, can be stronger if we join them. The Sea is not understood enough & we seem to think its an unending resource.

To the Whales, Fishes, Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Seals & Coral reefs that are dangerously vulnerable to modern fishing methods & these acts we see in the Seas around the world, the artists & musicians will stand up for you thru their music!"


from NO RED SEAS VOL I, released March 9, 2012
Music by Syrinx
Samples from Humane Society videos
Recorded 2009 Remastered 2012
© Syrinx 2012



all rights reserved


Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife UK

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