There are some horrific things going on in our oceans and our world in general; we seem to be racing towards the bottom in terms of an impending ecological disaster. There is an almost sociopathic disinterest (or self-interest) in some quarters towards nature and the varied species that we are privileged to live beside. The Hare and The Moon were keen to participate in the first No Red Seas as a contribution towards standing against this cruelty and lack of care. We are particularly pleased that No Red Seas II will be supporting The Black Fish; the destruction that industrial fishing practices cause to marine life and the ecology in general is a crime both in (often) legal and ethical terms. Uncounted dolphins and valuable sea creatures are caught and die in the nets used and these unnecessary methods must be stopped. The Black Fish are taking a stand against such brutality and we wholeheartedly support their efforts.




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Various artists: a benefit compilation for ocean wildlife UK

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