We, as human race, are unable to take what we need from this world. Instead, we take what we can – because we can...without caring for consequences. We are the incarnation of Famine, War, Plague and Death. It is the machine we created by chasing after the „greater good“ or more precisely, „greater power“. This is our own creation that enslaved us all. What we forget to realise is that some day, everything that was and that is, everything we exist for, will be nothing more than a page in the history book of some future civilizations. The civilizations that will remember us as „those who took the world away with them“...


Observe the times,
That never change,
As we paint our roads with the blood of others...


from NO DEAD SEAS: NO RED SEAS VOL II, released February 20, 2014
Music and lyrics by Tamerlan.

Recorded during the days between 2013 and 2014, exclusively for this compilation.

Instruments used: Classical guitar, vocals, a bottle of Jack Daniels...

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