Worm Ouroboros is honored to participate in No Red Seas alongside so many musicians whose work we hold dear. So much of the inspiration for our music comes from nature, cycles of death and renewal. We use animal and woodland imagery as metaphors for our inward journeys but also as a way of connecting to our true nature as beings of this earth. Modern society is so disconnected from our planet, technology and convenience taking precedent over natural order and balance. We all have a stake in this, our everyday choices have consequences, good or bad. We can chose awareness and action, or ignorance and decay.


What have we won
When all is done
Our eyes on the fields
No way to run

Where have they gone
The ones with the rhyming songs
Sing us to sleep
And bring us to dreams

Sing us to sleep
Bring us to dreams
Sing us to sleep
Leave us

Has your heart turned
And like the traitor worm
All we can do is watch
As our bridges burn...all our bridges burn

Oh, where we fell
So far from where we stand
When we are gold
And hold blameless hands

Will our hearts turn
And like the traitor worm
Just give us away
To the ice of our days


from NO DEAD SEAS: NO RED SEAS VOL II, released February 20, 2014
'When we are gold' appears on the album 'Come the thaw', released by Profound Lore Records
Lyrics - Lorraine Rath
Music/Arr - Worm Ouroboros
©Worm Ouroboros, 2011

Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland CA
Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx Studios, San Francisco CA
ArtWork and Design by Lorraine Rath

Lorraine Rath - Bass/vocals
Jessica Way - Guitar/vocals
Aesop Dekker - Drums



all rights reserved


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